Harrowing Roads at Dakar Rally Causing Wear on Foton Truck #411

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Dakar Rally Stage 4: San Juan—Chilecito

On January 8th at 9:16 a.m. local time, Foton truck #411 charged onto the path at the fourth stage of the rally.

The fourth stage of the rally is commonly known as the “marathon” stage, with a connection stage of 211 kilometers and a special stage of 657 kilometers, for a total distance of 868 kilometers. This special stage is the longest stretch in a Dakar Rally since 2005.

During the predictably difficult driving conditions in this stage, truck #411 had already replaced three spare tires, among which one spare had its tread and sidewall completely exposed. In addition, truck #411’s left and right suspension was damaged due to severe hits and its calipers were completely worn out.

Because truck #411 has fallen behind, if the drivers do not reach stage 4’s finish line at Chilecito by January 9th at 7:00 a.m. local time, then they will fall behind in the fifth stage of the rally. Because of this, truck #411’s two drivers, ALVARO CHICHARRO and ALVARO CHICHARRO JR. decided to come back to camp and rest for a short while and then resumed driving to the special stage finish line, where they will attempt to catch up with the other competitors.

At last, both drivers of truck #411 drove all night and succeeded in reaching the fifth stage starting line. Out of 117 trucks that participated in the fourth stage, only 85 succeeded in ranking at the end of this stage. As of now, with regard to Foton’s current ranking, these two drivers of truck #411 will need to drive continuously for at least 24 hours in order to improve their position in the rankings.

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