Foton solidifies its dominant position in Beijing’s public transport, winning contract for 3,000 new vehicles

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Foton has recently signed an AUV sales contract for 3,012 vehicles with Beijing BaFangDa – a subsidiary of Beijing Bus Group. This contract is the largest domestic purchase order for the procurement of passenger vehicles. Representatives from Foton explained that there are many different models involved in this order, with average prices between 1,200,000RMB and 1,300,000RMB. The order is expected to be fully delivered by April 2014. According to analysts, Foton’s new energy buses have always been the preferred brand for domestic public transportation systems. In the future, it is very possible that Foton will win most orders in this field, and that it will become a support pillar for Foton’s new energy business development and sales. Foton is now also developing its business into new areas, such as car networks and auto finance, which will open up new space for the capital market.

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